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All About GoBob

Here at GoBob we are United Kingdom’s leading Optima Steamer distributor & a London based mobile valeting company. We offer mobile valeting services across London and Greater London, and with our Optima Steamers latest technology. This allows us to clean vehicles in all aspects including exterior, interior & engine bays. With the steam vapour being hot enough to break down dirt particles, but not hot enough to damage any surfaces, this allows a safe and professional cleaning process.

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All About GoBob

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How it works

Operative Arrival

Our operative will arrive at your selected destination and carry out the selected work to an outstanding level

Clean Vehicle

Your vehicle will be cleaned inside & out ready for your next journey

Chemical guys products

Chemical Guys manufacture the highest quality car care chemicals in California, from exclusive small-batch waxes to cutting edge hybrid coatings, nano-polishes, and ceramic sealants.

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Our services

We offer different services for customers.

Why Choose Us

Eliminating Water Waste

1 vehicle (size depending) can be cleaned with approximately 5-10 litres of water with Optima Steamer technology

Chemical Reduction

With Optima Steamer technology, we can reduce the number of chemicals used to clean your vehicle


With our mobile steam cleaning capabilities we can arrive at various locations such as car parks, without requiring a water feed, 7 days a week.

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